Aligning the workforce and its resources requires the right skills at the top level, plus consistent and clear leadership communication. We assess the leadership tier’s preparedness and current alignment to ensure clarity, then work horizontally to reinforce consistency. Does leadership have the skills necessary to drive the organization’s stated strategic goals? Do leaders at lower [...]


Culture Awareness

Culture can help an organization work in a concerted manner toward its goals. By ensuring appropriate strategies are in place with a lean, executable framework, organizations can drive forward with a greater chance of success. What kind of culture is in place (i.e. autocratic, hierarchical etc.)? Do the teams work in a unified way to [...]

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Making the most of your existing resources requires trust. In many cases, these resources were once promising and somehow failed. The Elements of Brilliance framework creates the opportunity for honest, transparent understanding of the trust factors and how to redirect trajectory toward success. Does trust exist within the organization and between levels of leadership? Is [...]


Value Maximization

By aligning the factors above, we leverage proven tools and solutions to help you quickly get the most value out of your assets. Your organization can then reach its full potential through specialized strategies that leverage people, process, technology, and culture to achieve the change you need. Are employees’ skills categorized and aligned to projects’ [...]

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Time Compression

With all other facets of the Elements of Brilliance balanced, the organization can maximize its most important resource: time. By addressing the other four facets previously, Emerald One can help the organization identify opportunities to accelerate progress in a healthy way. Is the leader advising on progress toward goals in a timely manner? Do organizational [...]

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