We work with the senior leaders to determine whether the asset portfolio is aligned with the organization’s strategy, desired outcomes, and goals, identifying areas where leaders can play a more active role to drive forward progress or improve culture. Is leadership engaged and actively championing projects within the portfolio? Does the leadership understand the needs [...]


Culture Awareness

Culture is a critical factor in determining whether new assets will serve the needs of the organization, and adoption tactics must align to the organizational culture. Does the portfolio actively support the organization’s vision and strategy? Is the team invested in improving the value of its assets? Is the team working at capacity? Are members [...]

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Acquiring and integrating new assets into an environment requires trust: in tools, among the workforce, and with leadership. The Elements of Brilliance framework creates the opportunity for honest, transparent understanding of these trust factors. Does trust exist within the organization and between levels of leadership? Do people trust the products being used? Is the current [...]


Value Maximization

When assets are underperforming, leaders look to add new tools or resources to solve a perceived problem rather than make the most of what they have. The Elements of Brilliance helps executives invest their time and money where it is truly needed. What tools, resources, or assets exist within the portfolio that the new assets [...]

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Time Compression

With all other facets of the Elements of Brilliance balanced, the organization can maximize its most important resource: time. This helps us accelerate our clients’ timelines in a healthy and reasonable way. What is the organizational tolerance for an accelerated timeline? What resources are available to dedicate to this effort? What is the most realistic [...]

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