A leader's ability to communicate effectively and gain trust depends upon their executive presence and leadership effectiveness. Our tiered coaching framework addresses the skills needed to achieve strategic success. Does leadership have the skills necessary to accomplish the organization’s stated strategic goals? Is their organization responsive to their leadership? Is the leader communicating routinely to [...]


Culture Awareness

Culture can enable a healthy organization that can work in a concerted manner toward stated goals. Additionally, culture can determine the decoding or reception of internal strategic communication, and it sets the tone and voice for all messaging. Does the team work in a unified way to achieve goals? What common skills are needed across [...]

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Transformation depends on trust: trust in tools, trust in technology, trust between leaders, employees, and partners. The Elements of Brilliance framework creates the opportunity for honest, transparent understanding of these trust factors. Does trust exist within the organization and between levels of leadership? Is messaging aligned to current organizational values and goals? Is trust conveyed [...]


Value Maximization

Executive Coaching and Strategic Communication are often seen as the services you use when you have extra funding. Centering these services on the Elements of Brilliance helps executives harness the full value of our other solutions by aligning the full organization toward its strategic goals. Is the Leader prepared to lead through the change? [...]

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Time Compression

With all other facets of the Elements of Brilliance balanced, the organization can maximize its most important resource: time. Because change never ends, we work with our clients to use time wisely by sharing methods for accelerating progress toward goals in a healthy way by focusing on desired outcomes vs. tasks. Is the leader advising [...]

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