We work with senior leaders to understand their strategic vision and priorities for digital transformation, then guide them in the skills and resources they need to enact the transformation. Is leadership engaged and actively championing a digital strategy? How does the leadership align its customers’ needs to the current technology portfolio? Is there a good [...]


Culture Awareness

Culture is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of IT projects and the development of new or transformed processes based on the customer experience. What are the current cultural norms? How do they differ or compare to the leadership’s expectations? Does the team work in a unified way to achieve goals? [...]

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Transforming not only technology, but the way in which the organization does business, depends on trust: trust in tools, trust in technology, trust between leaders and employees, between IT teams and customer teams, and between individuals. Does trust exist within the organization and between levels of leadership? Do people trust the products being used? Is [...]


Value Maximization

Often leaders look to new tools or resources to pursue digital transformation. The Elements of Brilliance helps executives understand how to leverage the tools already available to them as well as harness the full value of the solutions they are implementing. Are tools already available within the portfolio to meet the needs identified for digital transformation? [...]

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Time Compression

With all other facets of the Elements of Brilliance balanced, the organization can maximize its most important resource: time. What are your project managers’ tolerance for an accelerated timeline? What resources are fully available to dedicate to this effort? What is the most realistic timeframe in which this work could be done? [...]

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