Embedded Coaching to Enact Strategy

A large federal technology organization is undergoing extensive organizational transformation as part of an overarching digital transformation strategy. Leadership needed to affect holistic and rapid change by building trust in the workforce, sharpening stakeholder communication, and ensuring that all changes were long-term and value-based. While Emerald One strategy teams facilitated the development and execution of major strategic initiatives, our Executive Coaching team formed relationships with the leaders holding responsibility to champion the changes.

We developed individualized, goal-driven solutions to strengthen the leaders’ inherent abilities and drive forward progress on their organizational strategies. Focused, weekly discussions with the individual helped to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement for both the individual’s personal development as well as their ability to achieve the goals of the organization. To quantify the leaders’ greatest areas for potential and most significant tendencies for derailment, Emerald One conducted assessments that guided the executives’ tailored development plan and helped create weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Broader topics like discipline, time management, and conflict resolution provided a foundation for the sessions, and Emerald One’s coaches’ in-depth knowledge of technology empowered the leaders to talk intimately and confidentially about the challenges of a technical environment. Emerald One’s coaches also helped the executives anticipate potential obstacles and strategize about ways of mitigating their impact.


As a result of Emerald One Coaching sessions, clients made changes in both their personal and professional lives that enable them to lead their organization with more clarity and definition. Each has a defined set of quantifiable goals and a clear understanding of their strengths and opportunities they can best leverage to activate a team for success. Many of the executives report a better connection between themselves and their employees as well as between their newly developed leadership skillset and the organizational need. Ultimately, Emerald One’s Embedded Executive Coaching clients report a much more vivid understanding of how to lead a team in a way that emphasizes strategy, objectives, and goals rather than simply discrete tasks.