Ambitious Goals Set and Achieved

An established small government contractor built a reputation as a middle-tier performer with a broad range of potential services. A new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reinvigorated focus and determination to improve the company’s reputation as a trusted partner and employer. In positioning the company for sustainable growth, he set out to define a culture, goals, and a clear corporate strategy. He engaged Emerald One to facilitate that process through a multi-day strategy development and strategic planning executive offsite. 

In preparation, Emerald One analyzed existing strategy documents and held listening sessions with members of the leadership team to capture their perspectives on the company’s goals and challenges. We designed a three-day leadership strategy session focused building trust and collaboration; codifying the corporate vision, mission, and values; and establishing corporate strategy operational objectives. 

Emerald One designed a series of interactive offsite sessions with clearly articulated OPO: Objectives, description of the session Process, and desired Outcome following the session. We tailored the sessions to build understanding and empathy among the new leadership team, then unify them around the company’s newly established identify. With this foundation in place, we helped align the team around near- and long-term goals. Iterative exercises helped identify the objectives and key results they would use to guide the company in achieving their goals, and we led the team in establishing a 30-60-90 day quick-start action list.  


Following the offiste, Emerald One created an integrated, cohesive strategy document and led the team in developing an accessible, “living” operational plan. Emerald One also designed a one-page branded strategy and roadmap to be provided to all employees as a desktop reference. This product was incorporated into the team’s annual holiday gift for further “stickiness” and ease-of-reference by the team. Finally, Emerald One worked directly with the communications team to update the communications strategy and plan to reflect the new corporate strategy. 

In a show of appreciation, the CEO told Emerald One “Thank you. This would have been a diaster without you.” The organization successfully launched its strategy and strategic plan and successfully stayed on course meeting its now and near objectives.