CEO Blog: Elements of Brilliance

Over the last 35 years, I spent my time implementing some of the most complex projects. Many of them required a great deal of insight. Many of them required everything to work positively and perfectly. And many of them seemed almost impossible.

Through all of this, I noticed something very interesting. Why, even though the projects were all hard, some were successful and some were not? It wasn’t just a standard equation of people, process, and technology ensured success. They all had a process alignment. We trained the people who would be impacted and got advocacy and agreement every step of the way.

But still, even today, 66% of all technology projects fail.

What made the others successful?

I noticed that the successful projects included some important elements. I call them the elements of brilliance.

To make something brilliant, it must have facets, and you must understand how those facets all work together to create brilliance. There are five key elements that increase the probability of success in any project, process, or engagement: leadership, culture awareness, trust, value maximization, and time compression.

Over the next five weeks, I’m going to share with you, a little insight into each of those and why they are so important to successful project implementation, people engagement, innovation, accountability, transparency, and, ultimately, getting your team to work at its best.

I can’t wait to share with you the Elements of Brilliance.